In-depth Interviews with your Consumers
At Scale!

Use the power of AI. Conduct in-depth interviews with hundreds of your consumers at the same time. Collect, structure and analyse their feedback instantly. Get actionable insights when and how you need it, to help you make those critical business decisions today.

Consumer Insights.
Without delay!

Bring back speed and agility to your decision-making process with deep consumer insights. Integrate the voice of the consumer in your product life cycle stages and bring products to market that truly resonate with your consumers. Take the effort out of data gathering and free up valuable time to focus on analysis and story telling.

Start a Conversation!

There is no way around it. Today’s consumers are mobile first. The smart phone takes a central role in daily live and supports all activities from shopping, social interactions, entertainment, …

So how do you gather insights from such consumers?

Our Virtual Researcher will engage in a conversation with your audience on the device of their choice at the time and place of their choosing and will instantly gather their feedback. Getting you the deep qualitatitve insights you need.

Voice of the Consumer, in minutes!

Our solution has countless usage possibilities at each critical stage of your product life cycle, from gathering new ideas for new products to testing a packaging before you go-to-market.
The goal always remains the same. Obtain a qualitative consumer voice that helps make those critical decisions fast and efficiently.
Our library of questions and interview templates allow you to engage with your audience and capture their feedback within minutes, not weeks. Just select your area of interest and indicate your questions and off you go!

Enjoy the benefits of both Qual and Quant Research

Your audience today is mobile first, uses chat as it’s main form of communication and expects an personal approach. Our virtual research assistent conducts an 1on1 chat-based conversation with each member of your audience on their mobile and utilises response-based probing to get to the heart of the question. Always friendly, curious and unbiased. At scale!

Are you ready for Indepth Insights at Scale?

Are you open to try a new way of gathering deep consumer insights? A solution that meets your needs: speed, efficiency, depth, quality and scale?
Then start a conversation with your audience today and gather their insights instantly at scale!
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