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Qualitative consumer research at scale is no longer a dream.

You can now have personalised 1-to-1 interviews with your audience, at scale using the latest in AI powered virtual assistants.

The future of Qual is here!

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Our Solution

New research solutions are being proposed every day. Where other products only tackle some of the problematic CPG industry is facing. GoBright tackles the challenges head on.

Taking benefit of rapid developments in conversational bots and AI, we bring a new market research solution:

Qualitative Interviews at Scale (QIS)

With our GoBright platform researchers can have in-depth one on one interviews with a large audiences at speed whilst running several research projects simultaneously.

The combination of Qira, our Virtual Interview Assistant [VIA] with the analytical power of AI provides an opportunity for change that cannot be ignored.

GoBright Platform

Virtual Interview Assistant

Responsive and engaging research bot, operating 24/7, consistent in her approach, always curious and completely unbiased

GoBright Platform

Reliable certified platform protecting your data. Secure proprietary interview messaging app available for both Android & IOS

Insight Dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboards providing full overview of all your research findings, giving you the capability to slice and dice through the results to identify key trends and stories

Data Enrichment & Analysis

Real time AI based enrichment & data analysis platform providing pre-analysis, categorisation, keyword extraction and sentiment & emotion scoring

Interview Library

An extensive interview library for packaged goods organisations containing a wide variety of research questions for use in your interview guides

Transparent Scaleable Cost Structure

Cost structure based on response rate to your interview guide, Cost Per Response (CPR)

Why GoBright?

Faster Results

You can focus on what is important. Spend only time on in depth trend analysis and conclusion. No time is spend on non-value added research activities

Simplified Research Process

Market research has become much less complex. You can now perform more large scale qualitative interviews with less effort, effectively reducing the need for quantitive research

More with Less

Automation of the research process greatly reduces the human effort and consequently the market research investment. Keeping the focus on the value added part of the research the analysis and conclusion definition

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