Consumer insights in minutes

Conduct AI powered in-depth interviews with hundreds of your consumers at the same time. Collect, structure and analyse their feedback instantly. Get actionable insights when and how you need it, to help you make those critical business decisions today.

Experience how it works!

See how to set up and run a qualitative interview with and what you can expect for results.



Let’s get you started

Our team is on hand to discuss with you the research project, what research question you would like to see answered, the audience, the duration and the interview guide.

Simply select from our existing library a set of questions or define your own. Our team will then compose the interview and validate for launch.


Start gathering insights

When you are happy with the interview set-up, we launch the interview. This is where our Virtual Interview Assistant takes over and engages with your chosen audience for the period you have selected. So sit back and let Qira gather the insights you need




Check out the results

While Qira, our Virtual Assistant, is interviewing your audience, you can review the results in real time through the use of our ready-made insights dashboards that provide you with all the actionable data. Our team is available to help you with any further dashboard formats you may need. 


It's the result that matters

We love talking about the HOW, but ultimately it is about the WHY. We give you the WHY from the consumer in simple-to-use dashboards that provide you all the key insights: participation, demographics, word clouds & verbatim. And if you want more or something different, our team is there to help you get the dashboards you need for your decision making.


How to use the platform

A GoBright interview is centered around a library of ready-made questions that can be selected dependent on your needs. This allows for a simple configuration of interviews. It consists of questions that have been catergorized in 3 distinct area’s and tracked in our dashboards: Product, Experience and Brand. These 3 area’s combined shape a consumer’s Brand Perception for each interview. 

In addition we have developed a specific module that allows you to not only look at your performance in the eyes of the consumer but also that of your own staff. It is the ideal solution for your HR specicialists to understand the sentiment amongst your talent pool. 


Experience it yourselve!

Experience platform for yourself. Simply click below, enter your details and we will send you an interview link.
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