Who we are

GoBright a brand under BII-GB  (“GoBright”), a company registered in Belgium. 

Data Protection Officer: Jerome van der Linden.

Data Protection Officer’s contact email: privacy [@] gobright.ai 

What do we offer

GoBright provides a Technology platform (“Platform(s)”) to help organisations or individuals do Qualitative Interviews @Scale. 

The organisations we work with are either individuals or entities undertaking qualitative research themselves or individuals or entities who undertake Research Projects themselves or on behalf of other organisations (collectively referred to as “Researchers” herein). Our Platform lets Researchers engage in a different way with Respondents via a Bot allowing Respondents to upload text, images, audio or video, respond to questions, log a diary, or a range of other tasks and activities that the Researcher might ask as part of the interview.GoBright lets Respondents like you do this directly from your smartphone, allowing you to quickly respond to different type of questions.

GoBright works on behalf of Researchers to help drive more meaningful and timely qualitative data to support businesses and other organisations.

In its provision of the Platform, GoBright acts as a Data Processor under the instructions of the organisation or individual who purchases the Platform (“The Data Controller”).

From whom do we process data

GoBright processes data about:

Respondents – when you are recruited to take part in a study, GoBright will collect certain information about you. Researchers have the option of using pseudonymised data. At a minimum, the Researchers will have your email address so they can send you the link to participate in the interview via different channels: Webapp, Facebook app or the GoBright app.

Brands – we hold data about Brands who are typically entities or persons who commission a Researcher to undertake a Research Project on their behalf using GoBright.

How do we get your data

We get data about you, when you answer questions, upload Research Content (images, text, audio, video, surveys, ideas, opinions and other content), or engage in messaging with our Virtual Interview Assistant Qira via the GoBright app or any other channel you use to participate in an Interview your invited for.

For the duration of the Research Project, GoBright may in its provision of the Platform extract or derive data from your device (“Derived Data”) such as device token (to enable push notifications), Country, Device Type, Device Model and Operating System version.

How do we keep the data

For our Platform, GoBright retains data for the duration of a Research Project plus a period as agreed with the Researchers on a project by project basis. Researchers can download and export all data generated during a Research Project to store in their own systems.

For our subscription clients, we retain Research Project data on the GoBright system for a duration specified by the Researcher.

When you are taking part in a study, the Researcher will inform you of any specific retention period for data that can be used to identify you such as your name, email address, images, audio or video recordings, or other content that contains identifiable information.

Where do we store the data

GoBright uses the Engati Bot platform and Google Cloud platform, hosting it in the United States of America and European Union. Our backups are held in secure data centres in the EU.

Researchers, Brands, may access and use the GoBright platform from countries outside the European Union or European Economic Area. Where a Researcher downloads or exports data from GoBright, we have limited control over how, where and for how long that data is stored by them.

Who do we share the data with

GoBright gives Researchers access to your data as part of a defined Research Project which you have been recruited into.

GoBright may also provide access to third parties:

Where instructed to by the Researcher who has commissioned or is running the study (or studies) in which you are participating

Where required under a Court Order or lawfully executed search warrant
Researchers can download all data relating to a study and can provide that data onwards to the organisation who has commissioned the study or to others.
We do not provide access to any other third parties, except where this is necessary to perform automated analytics or machine processing functions such as NLP and AI services, automatically translating and transcribing what is said in an audio or video recording. To do those kinds of functions, we engage 3rd party Platforms from suppliers such as Google and IBM.

What are your rights and who to contact

Individuals have rights over their personal data under EU law. These rights are not absolute and some qualifications and restrictions do apply. In summary your rights are:

A Right of Access – you are entitled to a copy of your data in an intelligible form

A Right of Erasure – you are entitled, subject to certain restrictions, to have data about you deleted where an organisation has no valid reason for continuing to process it

A Right of Rectification – where there is an error in data held about you, or where there is relevant information relating to you missing, you have a right to request this data be corrected

Right to restrict processing – You right to request that data be blocked or suppressed from being processed or used for any purpose.

Right to complain to a Supervisory Authority – you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority in your country about how your data has been processed.

Right to seek compensation – you have the right to seek compensation through the courts in the event your data privacy rights have been infringed.

GoBright is committed to helping individuals exercise their rights. As a Data Processor we act on the instructions the Data Controller (i.e. the Brand or Researcher who purchases the Platform) to conduct Research Projects.
In the event that you have a query, we recommend you first contact the Researcher or Recruiter who is running or ran the Research Project in which you were a participant or the organisation on whose behalf they were conducting the study.
If you do not know these details, please contact privacy [@] gobright.ai and we will assist you in contacting the Data Controller.

Contact Details for the Data Protection Supervisory Authority in Belgium:

Belgian Data Protection Authority (GBA), an independent body of the federal Parliament which ensures compliance with the fundamental principles of the protection of personal data.

Address: Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels

Telephone number: +32 (0)2 274 48 00

Company number: 0694.679.950.



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